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This has been transcribed from a xerox copy of the original that is in the Clinton County Courthouse in Albany.

I, John Irwin, being of sound mind but frail in body do make and publish this as my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. I have heretofore and today given as advancements in lands money &c to my sons Francis Irwin, Craft Irwin, Lewis Irwin and my daughters Evaline Duvall and Emily Williams Five Thousand and Four Hundred Dollars each and to my Sons William Irwin and Cunningham Irwin and their descendents Five Thousand and Four hundred Dollars each thereby making them equal in advancements. I have heretofore given my Daughter Piera Irwin money &c and inteded to make her equal with my other children but she died recently without issue. It is my will that all the property real, personal, and mixed which I have at my death Shall be distributed according to the laws of Kentucky my beloved wife Jemima Irwin taking her Share there of my just debts and funeral expenses to be paid before distribution this 30th day of March 1881.

John Irwin
J. A. Brents
J. E. Gibbons

I, John Irwin Still being of Sound mind do hereby made and publish this codicile to the foregoing last will of mine I have concluded to make a more definite Settlement for my beloved wife Jemima Irwin provided she lives longer than I do. I therefore will and bequeath to her the said Jemima Irwin the tract of land on which I now reside on Spring creek Clinton County Kentucky continuing 278 1/2 acres be the same more or less to be hers absolutely and in fee simple I also give her all the household and kitchen furniture, horses, cattle, poultry, farming tools, grain and any other stock goods or chattle on said place at my death in addition to the above. I also give her one Thousand Dollars in cash to be hers absolutely and without condition the foregoing ins considered suficient for(?) my beloved wife She being old and frail(?) as well as myself in all other respects (unreadable due to copy) property to be disposed of at my death as provided(?) in the foregoing will this February 13th 1882.
John Irwin

J. A. Brents

Nancy Pickens

State of Kentucky
County of Clinton

I, C.B. Parrigin clerk of the Clinton County court certify that the foregoing will of John Irwin and the codicile to the same was on the 5th day of August 1884 produced in open court at its August term 1884 and proven by the oaths of J.A. Brents, J.E. Gibbons and Nancy Pickens they being the subscribing witnesses thereto to be the (unreadable word) will and testament of John Irwin dec'd(?) and the same was ordered to be filed and oreder to record as the last will and testament of John Irwin deceased.

Therefore I have duly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office given under my hand this 6th August 1...(date cut off my copy)

(Please pardon any typographical errors made in this transcription. CS)
C.B. Parrigin, clerk
Clinton County Court
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