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John1 Irvine/Irwin

John Irvine/Irwin, son of William Irvine/Irwin of Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania, was old enough to take part in the Revolutionary War and was in the Battle of Trenton. At some point, he married Elizabeth Cunningham, who was thought to be of Welsh descent by their grandson, William Irwin. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania. At this point, we don't know which of the other children were born there as well.

John and his family migrated and settled in Kentucky, going through Tennessee where the trouble with the native Cherokee encouraged them to move on to settle in more peaceful country. A friend, Mr. Stockton, had just returned from an area around the Cumberland River in Kentucky, and spoke so glowingly of the area that the family headed to Stockton's Valley in what would be Cumberland and Clinton Counties.

While in Tennessee, at least two of John and Elizabeth's children were born, one of them being John(2) who was born about 1788. John(2) was a veteran of the War of 1812 as was his brother, William, who told his children of the chilling battle with Tecumseh's warriors in the North.

John and Elizabeth Irwin had 6 known children:
Today the descendents of these Irwins are known to be in AL, CA, FL, IL, KY, MO, NM, OH, OK, TN, and TX. If you find that you are one of these, we invite you to join our informal email group which focuses on sharing of information on the line from William(1) on down - hopefully we'll soon begin to go back up the tree from him. Just email Carla and state briefly how you fit in - we'd love to have you take part!

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