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Nancy Irwin Family

Nancy IRWIN, daughter of John IRWIN and Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, was born in TN and married Leven BRISTOW, who was born in Virginia. According to information I have found, the children are as follows:
  • Martha BRISTOW
  • Tabitha BRISTOW
  • Julia Ann BRISTOW
  • Richard P. BRISTOW
  • R.J. BRISTOW who married Sarah --? and had at least two children Nella A. BRISTOW and Azel M. BRISTOW
  • Ballard BRISTOW who married Mariah --? and had at least 7 children:
    • Eliza J. BRISTOW
    • Sarah Ann BRISTOW
    • Jesse L. BRISTOW
    • William S. BRISTOW
    • Nancy R. BRISTOW
    • Piera E. BRISTOW
    • Matilda C. BRISTOW
  • Francis BRISTOW married Nancy -- ? and they had at least 6 children:
    • Hiram P. BRISTOW
    • Anorance J. or Clarence J. BRISTOW
    • Wilfred A. BRISTOW
    • Otias T. BRISTOW
    • Sarah BRISTOW
    • Robert M. BRISTOW
The family that I have listed is from composite sources and may not be accurate. If you have corrections to this family, please email me. I'd like for this page to be as accurate at possible. Thanks!

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