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An Introduction

What began as a site for one surname in my family line is slowly developing into a site that branches out, as all families do, in other directions. I'm hoping to develop this site, as much as space will allow, to help one get a perspective of how far-reaching just one family line can be by including as many of the related lines as possible. If you are related to this family line and would like your branch of this line included, by all means, email me. It takes some time, but eventually I get things done. Much of the information on here has been researched or supplied by someone else. I do not pretend to take credit for their research. Some of those who have provided information have email links on here so that you can contact them and make your own family connections. Some of the research I have done. My line of the Irwins runs through John(1), John(2), Cunningham and Lizzie Gee. The other Irwin researchers that have contributed to this site are spread throughout the country. I am greatly in their debt for the information that they have so willingly shared. As time goes on I'm hoping to add transcriptions of records as I find them and the time to get them on here.

I hope that you enjoy browsing through this site. If you find an error, please contact me. It may be as simple as a typo or I may have mixed something up in trying to get information on the right page. If it is a research mistake and you have proof contradicting that, please email me or the representative of that page. Thank you.

Before you leave, please sign our guestbook. We'd love to hear either your comments or how you fit into this family.

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