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Kinnett Lines

The Kinnett line has been put together from a variety of sources. I've found information on the web in the form of public documents and family/friends that have shared what they know, library sources at the Wayne County, KY, library in Monticello, court house records in Russell County, KY, the local genealogy library in IL and most importantly, my family who has shared remembrances, taken me to the cemeteries and given me old pictures to use in my own files and some to share here. I would be happy to include any related lines here on this site with the submitter being the contact person for that page and information. I have not included lines other than my own to this point for lack of information. I won't list dates of the generations born after 1900 here on the web for privacy purposes, and don't include children of the generation before me for the same reason.

The closer one gets to the present, often the more information is available to that generation if there is family still living or familiar with a particular branch. Every family has their wonderful stories and remembrances and their not so wonderful things. Some things people are even hesitant to share. While I feel that being a part of the family entitles me to know some of these hidden stories, it would be disrespectful to those who have barely breathed a hint of what was to air anything of that nature in this form. As someone whom I interviewed said during the session in going down the list of a family when asked, "what do you know about...", the answer was simply, that person ".. is dead." While I am far enough removed for those things to not bother me, the previous 2 generations are still affected by them, thus they shall remain.

Just as any family file, sometimes there are errors. I apologize for any of these, but would appreciate people who know to let me know what they are and what they base the corrections on. If you connect and wouldn't mind some of the old information you know to be included here, please let me know! The more input people have the better the site will be. Of course if you connect let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

We start here with Thomas Kinnett, born about 1791 in VA, who married Nancy Pratt, born about 1792 in VA. This couple moved from Virginia to Kentucky going through Tennessee where at least 2 children were born. They were in Kentucky by 1822 where the third child, Nathan or Nathaniel was born.

The children of Thomas and Nancy as far as we can tell at this point are:

  • John born about 1813 in TN
  • William born about 1819 in TN>/li>
  • Nathan or Nathaniel(?) born about 1822 in KY
  • Sally or Sarah(?) born about 1827 in KY
  • Catherine born about 1829 in KY
  • Stephen
  • Carroll - unsure if this one fits in here because his/her date of birth is about 1835 in KY

Thomas' will, written 26 Dec 1873, proven (?) 25 Aug 1879, new BA:242, mentioned that at the death of Nancy, all landed estate and personal preperty of 100 acres(?) and all cattle, house, and kitchen furniture and all monies were to go to Sarah Kinnett, his daughter.

It was witnessed by M.J. Marshall, Stephen Kinnett, and Thomas J. Toler

Thomas died in Wayne Co., KY

Related Surnames

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Bell Bernard Blankenship Coe Coffee/Coffey Cooper Dunbar Harmon Toler Walcott

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